Friday, 31 July 2009

Forgive me

So with my best friend her sons and husband all being down and out with the swine fu i have been doing my best to help her out. I must say i really dont want to catch it but if i do ateast i have it out the way.

Ok so my new camera is like a little gem in a rock its amazing i totally love it here are a few of my faves and the rest you can check out on my flickr

now onto the scrap part of life tips and drips of drools and love i spill on a page and create a ermmmmmmmmmm....layout or maybe two.

do you ever feel so inspired and have all these ideas and then something stops you from getting down and dirty with it thats the week i have had but hubby has promised a few nights where i can create and he will have the kids to make up for my missed ME time he rocks i know or so right now he does lets see if he sticks to it. I currently have a project with and embellishment tutorial lying on my scrap desk and a half done layout. To be honest i have a few tutorials up my sleeve which im hoping to share over the next week or so. It feels so good to have my life on track GO ME!!!!

OK me loving you all

Friday, 24 July 2009

Im back and starting Fresh

Hey all i am here and i have been experimenting after asking a few people too do my log and not one person getting back to me i decided to try for myself and all i have done is the header me likey do you? if you want a How to - just ask and i will do one.

Ok so an update in brief i have finally got my camera a Canon 50D and oh my I'm in love i cant tell you how fantastic this camera is i hoping to post piccies to but my laptop has a vista bug and my pictures are all coming out unpleasant so were out for downgrade to XP tomorrow it should only take ad hour or so... which is not too bad. I'm hoping this fixes my problem and ill be posting away.

2nd thing... I'm published in this months Scrapbook Inspirations and I'm hoping to share that pic with you all tomorrow too so for now I'm well and living and i will see you all tomorrow

Love and Kisses

Sha sha which is my new name according to my darling daughter *hehe*