Saturday, 15 August 2009

Its official the NEWS is out

Im an Indigo Mill girl and im over the moon look to the side panell and meet the rest of the team girls xxxxx and because im not complete without pic of something heres one xxx

For now xxxx

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

An update...a bit long but worth it

Ok so my life is somewhat good right now im over insomnia (which is poo), the insomnia that is. Honestly anyone who suffers i have a few tips if you need them!!!
  • Let someone have the kids i mean bath them and put them to bed the whole works!!!! or even out at the grandparents for the night.
  • Light some candles(safely place them in the bathroom) and have a hot/warm bath, read a book like i do or just do what makes you relax
  • And when thats done have a warm non caffine drink and a lettuce sandwich yup you got it a lettuce sandwich is what i had and i slept like a baby although i had my kids to awaken me the next morning at 6am but cant go wrong with 7 hours sleep!!!
I did a layout or should i say finished one i have been working on its not 12x 12 i think its smaller then a4 slightly but i like it i really do i havent left 12 x 12 but its nice for the change can you see my use of alphas those leftover gems where just sitting on my table and asking to be used somehow and we all know how i love using them for something so here its to pop my cardstock up and a frame for it the dimension it gives is absaloutly cool you should try it you would be surpised how those little leftovers make great details to a page(and i know my ribbon is wonky but i fixed it now my adhesive stash is built up again)

Dont you just love the little techniques we make that give effects your 100% happy with so im here to share another please dont mind the photos they where taken with my mobile phone(i was going to retake them but my battery too my camera is on charge for my first shoot tomorrow woohoo tomorrow morning i will redo them and post them on here so check back for clearer images)

i used the woodware large butterfly punch (photo taken from the internet)

Take this punch and level the butterflys antenna up with the edge of your paper so it should just be chomping the top of the wings and the antenna area like below

Now do this all along levelling up the corners if you can if not ill show you how to fix that next all the way along where you want that border

When you have finished it should look like this

now the gaps in between each wing if you have them just round them off using your craft knife

And it should look like this when finished i will show you my layout when i have daylight to take the photo and also another way to use this technique

Again sorry about the pictures ill cheer you up with some cheery photos tomorrow hehe
love yall



Ok so jokes over i was reported... yup you got it my blogaroo was reported by someone very silly and i was banned from blogging, so know im back i have a post coming your way this evening and a layout and a lil project i attempted and a tutorial but i have to type it up so bare with me, Photos are already on the laptop ready for the go ahead..
Thanks for your love and patience