Monday, 25 May 2009

So stinkin ill

i am i am......... I have been feeling rotten my nose is dribbling, my bones are aching, my head is throbbing my lips and stinging and to top it off my knees are swolen!!! Today i am 22 but i feel 72...and i think my nan whos 72 is better off then me right now!

I managed to scrap a little the last few days i absaloutly love the little bits of me time i get lately and the fact Sama will sit for 20 mins here and there so i can scrap is awsome!!
This layout is totally a one off thought (shhh) while sitting down watching britains got talent i said aloud i wanted to do that!!! Note wanted but i always place others dreams before my own so this layout is to tell those around me that know me and love me I have a dream its so much easier to express things in layouts... i secretly think most of my layouts have hidden meanings.
Im totally knocked by this layout talk about throw something together and like what you see this layout was a total hmmmmm layout and i absaloutly love tis i think it comes under my NEW FAVE!!!
My 2 girls are currrently lying on my bed next to me playing together they totally rock my socks at times even of Sama is the most naughtiest girl on the planet and has learnt to say Leela did it or NO or You do it or Oh god(dont ask where she learnt that one as i dont say it) or even the fact she totally does the opposite to what i say and the fact its like she is daring me to stick her in the naughty corner or to her thinking about these things scares me..... i mean shes grown so much already!!! im off to get a hot cuppa.
Love yall and thaks for stopping by

Thursday, 21 May 2009

A very lucky women

Hey all

Well in my last post i did a layout saying I'm a very lucky women and well i received an email telling me: Hey you really need to explain your layouts i love your titles and would love to know the story behind them especially the - I'm a very lucky women! First off a word in defence... I'm such a terrible writer and its a learning curve for me so please feel free to point me in the right direction.
So the layout A very lucky women

This layout was totally inspired by how i feel at times, no matter what i go through no matter what happens God has blessed me. If you don't already know i was born a christian and my ethnicity is white British but as i grew my family was not very religious and i found my own path towards religion and i chose Islam. I am truly blessed to be amongst those who have a religion a path of spirituality. I'm also very lucky to have children and a very big family. I'm also lucky to be married and even though i have an angel baby i have still had 3 children, 2 of them that are with me today and everyday my two girls who i love dearly(even if sama does drive me mad). I'm also very lucky to have found scrapbooking as i can document there lives for us all too treasure, i hope that makes sense.

I have had a creative edge lately and totally adore doing bits an pieces of everything and yup experimenting with my pages a little, using my scraps and throwing them on a page to see what i get lol, there is a challenge over on Studio Calicos blog to lift April or scarlets layout and here's my version of it
I love this picture of my mom and younger sister and well felt that taking Aprils layout and making it something of my own was the best step forward, im all for using your stash and used the 0 to frame the butterflies

This layout it inspired by "Uh oh its all boy colours what do i do?" honesltly i have found this kit "jack and jill" by studio calico a challenge but im getting there and getting it used hey where theres a will theres a way right!
Well thats enough ramblings for now enjoy and ill be back soon
Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lost in space

or somewhere like the above.... It feels like the days are cut so short nowadays even though it stays lighter outside for longer it bugs me at how worn out i feel!!! I am in the process of working on a few projects and finishing off some old ones with all this IM SO BUSY it means me doing it bit by bit and little by little but aslong as everything is completed by my new set deadlines im happy.

I need to

  • Finish samas butterfly mobile for her bedroom
  • Finish sewing her door hanger
  • Declutter and reorganise scrap space and bedroom(these are in the same room lol)
  • Sort out some family time - dayouts etc
  • Remake me (if that makes sense)
  • Use up all my current kits before the end of the month
  • Get my hair done!!!! its a soooo must
  • Loose 10 kg (baby fat)

My hair is way too long right now and needs a major cut im thinking a good 6 inchs off maybe more who knows!!! i could donate that right? All for giving back i am. Im a bit of scrap whenever i can lately 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, heres a few layouts since my last post

I have had a good sort through all my old scrap bits(ancient kits that havent been used and i dont see myself using) and well have decided to phone the local childrens hospital and offer them the stash i think there is no point in selling it i would rather give it somewhere where i know it will get loved iykwim there was heaps of stuff like alphas, stamps, rub ons, card blancs 12 x 12 paper stacks, 8 x 8 paper stacks some that had never been used!!!!

heres for a quick post

Thanks for stopping by and sharing love
Ayesha xxx

Friday, 8 May 2009

If i told you...

i had been working on this post over a few days would you believe me? honestly my world has been upside down for the past few days and well its been hard. Sama has had a tempreture going on 3 days now and shes burning up to 41 degrees celcius and its been hard, hard because im alone with no help, hard because Aleena needs attetion too and hard because her tantrums are out of control and well i dont wanna let her get away with this behavour but shes ill and hard because i have had minimum sleep in 2 days and im TIRED!!!

I have managed some layouts in the past week

these are all from NSD and believe me it was more like a weekend off creativeness. I love it when i scrap i have 2 layouts in progress that i have been doing bit by bit, because thats how i scrap now! It would be nice to do 1 whole layout at once but hey beggers cant be choosers.

Aleena on the other hand is a GEM in stone honestly since sama has been ill shes slept through all night and its amazing i admit i must have checked her a trillion times in the night but she slept through!!! She is getting big and when i look at her i think are you sure you had this girl 9 weeks ago. Wow if it wasnt for the fact i was still sore from my tare then i wouldnt even think i had recently had a baby oh yeh and the baby fat but im working on it lol

OK peace out

Love yall