Thursday, 30 April 2009

Time flies

Can you believe Aleena is 2 months today.... i have just returned from a lady in blue with a shiney prickley thing which had to go in her leg.. yup needles(eek!) she cried so much

Aleena Right Now

can have a baby conversation with you(and never knows when to be quiet)

  • Has a basic self tought routine 7 - 7 with one dream feed at 10.30 and one wake up at 5am
  • Cries when shes tired and needs her blanket as its one thing she adores a blanket on her even on the hottest of days!!!
  • Likes a cherry top dummy(dinky)
  • Is a smiley baby
  • Loves her sister (dunno why all she does is get bullied by her)
  • Enjoys floor play and tummy time
  • recognises her mummy :o) she goes quiet when she sees or hears me
  • Weight - 12lb 14oz
  • Lengh - 59cm
  • "is slightly over weight for her age" what i say your just perfect and nice and cuddly

I dont know how health visitors can say a child is overweight when they drink within there limits as im not gonna strave my kid when there screaming for food... silly people!

I have been scrapping non stop over the last few days.... Sama is actually enjoying sitting with me and doing her own thing, its been real nice, i just need to add journelling and then i can take photos and post them up here!

I havent really got much to say right now but hoping to post tonight with some interesting stuff ive been working on!

Thanks for popping by and showing some love

Saturday, 25 April 2009

scrapadabado and tantrums ado

Life with a toddler who's tantrums are way out of control isn't very nice at all. I once had this child who was so angelic like and i think somewhere between 18 and 19 months she got kidnapped over night by some aliens...but surely they returned her as they couldn't cope either.... how to deal with them i just don't know do i?
  • lock her in her room for 2 minutes like my family suggest
  • start the naughty chair which is hard as not everyone will follow it
  • ignore her which is hard as the inlaws wont

or combine them all, its so hard as i have people who reward her for this behaviour and it makes it so much harder for me to teach her its wrong. I went shopping yesterday and could have died from the tantrums she was throwing...on the floor! i was pulling a brave smile as many passerby threw me the dirty look from the corner of there eye, i feel like i cant take her any where anymore..... i need a solution.

On a lighter note the sunshine has been shining and the housework done i got me some scrapping done....outside in the garden and i cant tell you how nice it was at one end of the garden table sama was painting and at the other end of the table i was scrapping it was very peaceful

We came in from the garden around 7pm and the wind down ritual went as planned but i do wish my little girl would return!!

Well thanks for stopping by and showing some love

Ayesha xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Feeling rather Grugged out

Yes you read it right im feeling grugged out, its not a word but its my word well for feeling rather yuck... im extremely exhausted and i have that horrid feeling in my throat, the one where its like im gonna get a very sore throat or a very bad cold.

Im half way done with the big sort out im planning to complete my ironing today in the garden as well for some reason Sama wont play out there alone so to have the best of both worlds im gonna stand in the sun and iron the day away. We have had loads of sun and did take the chukkies to the nature centre to see the animals which turned out to be a fab day.

Sorry for the pic overload lol but it was fun the boys and man in the first picture is my best friends husband and sons it truely was a great day

Anyway for now TFSB and showing some love


Sunday, 19 April 2009

For the love of...sweet sweet SUNSHINE

We have had a real nice sunny day here today and well i made the most of it i took a few pictures and then it was all about spending time with the girls, i really had a fab TANTRUM FREE day. Its looking to be even nicer tomorrow so my friend has asked me to take some pics of her and her 2 sons so im looking forward to that.

It amazes me how to give the girls my undivided attention means quick fix for lunch, take away for dinner and lack of cleaning all day, this also means heaps to do now there in thinking to just leave it till tomorrow but no i must do it tonight as then theres less to do we are leaving early in the morning. Hmmm i need motivation right now lol

I managed to do a layout on Saturday and i love it, i used the studio calico garment district kit and found it all just fell in place with the photo... so as i leave you with that.... i may start cleaning...

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Saturday, 18 April 2009

There shall be light at the end of the tunnel

Today has started of as a better day..... I got a full nights sleep, i woke up cleaned the house and cooked Aubergine curry and by 11am im having fun with sama who got my camera and asked 'picta' so we had a tad bit of photo fun.. before my dad came and picked her up

I have decided that for me to fix things and be happy i need to be happy with myself so im planning for a change from tomorrow the post pregnancy diet begins and im going to book an appointment with the hair dresser today but need ideas on cuts to suit me any ideas would be nice....

With sumble not here i have decided to have a me day today, shower, facial etc etc so im off and will be back soon with some questions and pics of my current projects

TFR and show some love


Friday, 17 April 2009

Knock knock...

is anyone in there.... i kinda feel hollow right now somewhat like a robot...

I did some scrapbooking the other night but my vision was somewhat taken to another place and i couldnt get the page right and when i tried it was left incomplete so im only going to post the one out of the 2. i have started a somewhat simple album for my DDs its called watch you grow and i have done the first layout of my DD at 18 months, the journelling is regarding all her positive points and negative points like good and bad habbits lol its kinda nice a little reminder for me, im hoping to get upto 18 months finished soon and keep track of aleenas while shes young.

I occassionally wish my life was different and i know that many will say so make it how you want it! but to change means i may loose some of the most valuble things in my life and i dont want that so what do i do. Ive kinda had enough of my circumstances and wish i was more stronger to make the change without having to loose anything or anyone i miss my happy me im an act i smile when im sad i laugh when i want to cry, i have noticed Sama is as good as gold when things are how i want them to be yet when there not shes so naughty and i dislike that..... its like she is angry at me and its not my fault... i need adult time i need to sit down and talk and get advice.....

Im gonna leave you with what makes me smile every day and reminds me to stay strong

Thanks for stopping by, im sorry if it dont make sense but i sometimes feel like i need to breath and never have anyone to turn too


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

waaaa(from under the duvet)

no not the as its scary outside there was crashes of thunder and flashes of light and the rain was so hard it sounded like my bay window roof was going to callapse.. yikes!! now thats something i dont like to hear very often.... I had to get out of bed sooner or later and was hoping it would be later but nope the door bell rang and yup you got it i had to go open it and to my surprise it was that little red van with the nice brown box... i couldnt get in quick enough no not just to hide from the thunder and lightening but to open up my studio calico kit yup to my amiss i actually like Jack & Jill more then i thought so need to use all my garment district before diving into another box of yumminess.

Im working on Samas bedroom at the moment and have more then a few prodjects underway. Now i have never really been a off the page craft person other then cooking(which i enjoy doing) but since im finding my way in life i find that i have got skills that i have hidden away and should start using again so i have a few sewing, wall deco, hanging mobile projects underway and cant wait untill her rooms complete so i can share them with you all.. it may take a while to complete them all.... seeds dont blossom over night it takes a few days or weeks to perfect true beauty.
The 2 bambinos are fine (Sama and Aleena that is) so im going to share a few pictures with you from our day in the house yesterday... Enjoy

For the love of girls...hehe

TFSB dont forget to show me some love xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hellloooo there

Starting 'Afresh' is what I'm doing. Keeping it neat and clean and hopefully ill make more sense. For those who don't know me I'm Ayesha a SAHM who is a qualified beauty therapist and doesn't look it as i just don't have the time too at the moment. Here is me in a nut shell
  • I have 2 beautiful girls Sama who's 19 months and Aleena who is currently 6.5 weeks.
  • I'm married 'yup at the young age of 18' I'm now 22
  • I have more then my fair share of life experiences and i share them freely
  • I have many wants and many wishes none of which are currently being fulfilled
  • I live with my in laws '''GULP''' yup its hard work
  • I care about everyone and everything else before i care for me
  • I love to take photos and scrapbook
  • erm..... i cant think of anything else but if you do feel free to ask lol

So that's me i think but if at any time you want to get to know me that little bit more please feel free to ask away

Thanks for popping in and don't forget to show some love