Sunday, 18 October 2009

Those times

Do you know those times.... the ones where life gets the best of you and nothng seems to get finished i have several layouts in the making 3 tutorials that need to be typed up for indigo mill and 2 troublesome kids that get naughtier and naughtier day by day.

I know it wont last long but honestly no me time what so ever. We (meaning me and the girls) get up at 6.30am and between then and 10is its feed them and clean clean clean then aleena and sama will have a snack and aleena goes down for a nap at 11am thn its hubby fed and clean up after the inlaws and then all day after that inbetween all the tantrums im cleaning and dealing with potty training....tantrums and a CRAWLING little ne im happy about 2 things 1.Sama is doing extremely well at potty training and Aleena is crawling but the tantrums that big sister is doing lately wares me down to the bone and by the time shes dne and im in bed im so tiredim out for the count the hubby says im dead to the world lol

So pray that i get ease and sleep and im ff in these few minutes to start typing up my tutorials


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  1. hey ayesha....i am sitting here just taking in some studio calico time and resting from our awful sickies and saw all your photos on am so impressed. you have a gift with photography.i must say i am a bit envious ;0 i've been working at photography for awhile and if you've only worked with your dslr since august, just you.