Thursday, 18 June 2009

Try try and try again

I need to find my memory card i have a feeling sama has been upto her little thricks and has taken it from my room hmmmmm!! I need to hunt and hunt and hunt again if no look by tonight i may just order a new one. So the diet begins today its more of cut out the junk diet i intend to eat no fatty foods and maintain a health diet with regular excersise and plenty of water to improve my appearence then theres the slow process of changing the im married to a pakistani and i eat curries ALL the time and eat more what i was grown up on too like veg and salads and past and a good ol' roast chicken. I must say the whole cultural difference can blow a persons mind apart.

I have been invited to an ann summers party tomorrow that my mom is hosting if you have no idea what ann summers is click HERE you get the hint but its mainly for the giggle and i need to relax facter im going!!!! im hoping to get some i can scrap these photos of my mom when shes between drinking way too many drinks through a straw behavour but bless her she is in need of it too....

Ok so intention - go to my mums anne summers - never went
Intention - find my memory card - i found it indeed

this is what happens when you compose posts over a few days hehe they end up all over the place. Ok so last night was the release of Transformers 2 and i must say it was so worth paying Gold cinema price for as i think it was awsome they have added a few commical points but it makes the film better if you havent plans to watch it or are delaying plans because your not sure its confirmed go see it!!!!!

The kids are well there has been a break of swine flu on my road so we have been told to moniter the kids and ourselves just incase so please pray for us im not so concirned about us bigger ones its the bambinos there not as strong as us!!!

Thanks for stopping by i will have creativeness very soon its just i havent got round to taken pictures due to crap weather and dull lighting lol

Ayesha xxx

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  1. Good luck with the new you - slow or not, if it's waht you want, it'll work. Stay well.