Saturday, 6 June 2009


Ok so as i was thinking of a title that was the first thing that came into my head hehe i normally say that to annoy my hubby when he THINKS hes RIGHT lol.

So a major im so sorry for not updating and im heaps better thank you for all the get well wishes i must say you all are a FAB bunch xoxoxox. I have had a good week this week including getting my hair all cut off like from bottom to shoulders and going out with the hubby and friends to alton towers for the day which was great the girls are fab too and well if i told you that tomorrow when i have taken pics of all the latest layouts my post will be swamped with images as i really have been a busy bee!!!

So for now with a quick twootwoo and a heehoo enjoy your weekends and peace and blessings to you all

Ayesha xxx


  1. urmm.. can we have new hair photo? :D

  2. Oh yeah..can you show us the new hair? Glad you're back at it!