Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Whooo life is hard at times!

Ok so since i last posted my little brother decided to run away from home as right now here in the uk its 'the trend' hes home now after a week and let me tell you i still haven't calmed down. i Have also decorated my front room with pictures to follow eventually as i have lost the memory card to my camera!!!!

But for now i leave you with a pic of my new hair cut

i know i look rough but I'm working on a better me! with everything that's happened over the last few years of my life well i stopped on Sunday, it was my sons birthday he was born premature on June 14th 2007 and lived only 15 minutes he was a true blessing and i think of him a lot but since then i have never really been me i now have 2 beautiful girls and i need to live for me again so I'm on a 10 weeks to a better me.... anyone want to join me?

Ok for now I'm off i need to go chill and spend some TLC time with hubby ;o)

Love y'all



  1. huge hugs to you ayesha. i'm sorry for your loss, but so impressed that you have made a step toward moving on. i will cheer you on all along the path!

  2. sweet, ayesha, what a hard loss to endure. thank you for sharing....