Monday, 25 May 2009

So stinkin ill

i am i am......... I have been feeling rotten my nose is dribbling, my bones are aching, my head is throbbing my lips and stinging and to top it off my knees are swolen!!! Today i am 22 but i feel 72...and i think my nan whos 72 is better off then me right now!

I managed to scrap a little the last few days i absaloutly love the little bits of me time i get lately and the fact Sama will sit for 20 mins here and there so i can scrap is awsome!!
This layout is totally a one off thought (shhh) while sitting down watching britains got talent i said aloud i wanted to do that!!! Note wanted but i always place others dreams before my own so this layout is to tell those around me that know me and love me I have a dream its so much easier to express things in layouts... i secretly think most of my layouts have hidden meanings.
Im totally knocked by this layout talk about throw something together and like what you see this layout was a total hmmmmm layout and i absaloutly love tis i think it comes under my NEW FAVE!!!
My 2 girls are currrently lying on my bed next to me playing together they totally rock my socks at times even of Sama is the most naughtiest girl on the planet and has learnt to say Leela did it or NO or You do it or Oh god(dont ask where she learnt that one as i dont say it) or even the fact she totally does the opposite to what i say and the fact its like she is daring me to stick her in the naughty corner or to her thinking about these things scares me..... i mean shes grown so much already!!! im off to get a hot cuppa.
Love yall and thaks for stopping by


  1. Soooo sorry you aren't feeling well!!! I hope you get well soon!! Your layouts are absolutely amazing!!

  2. YOur scrapbooking is just fab, both LOs are a joy to look at. Feel better soon.

  3. Beautiful pages! I love the second one too. I hope you are feeling better, being sick is no fun at all.

  4. Gorgeous pages - get better soon xxx

  5. are you all well yet? gosh! so sorry you have not been well! love your layouts as always darling!! drink more water!

  6. Beautiful LO's I really like how you have layered the thickers!