Thursday, 21 May 2009

A very lucky women

Hey all

Well in my last post i did a layout saying I'm a very lucky women and well i received an email telling me: Hey you really need to explain your layouts i love your titles and would love to know the story behind them especially the - I'm a very lucky women! First off a word in defence... I'm such a terrible writer and its a learning curve for me so please feel free to point me in the right direction.
So the layout A very lucky women

This layout was totally inspired by how i feel at times, no matter what i go through no matter what happens God has blessed me. If you don't already know i was born a christian and my ethnicity is white British but as i grew my family was not very religious and i found my own path towards religion and i chose Islam. I am truly blessed to be amongst those who have a religion a path of spirituality. I'm also very lucky to have children and a very big family. I'm also lucky to be married and even though i have an angel baby i have still had 3 children, 2 of them that are with me today and everyday my two girls who i love dearly(even if sama does drive me mad). I'm also very lucky to have found scrapbooking as i can document there lives for us all too treasure, i hope that makes sense.

I have had a creative edge lately and totally adore doing bits an pieces of everything and yup experimenting with my pages a little, using my scraps and throwing them on a page to see what i get lol, there is a challenge over on Studio Calicos blog to lift April or scarlets layout and here's my version of it
I love this picture of my mom and younger sister and well felt that taking Aprils layout and making it something of my own was the best step forward, im all for using your stash and used the 0 to frame the butterflies

This layout it inspired by "Uh oh its all boy colours what do i do?" honesltly i have found this kit "jack and jill" by studio calico a challenge but im getting there and getting it used hey where theres a will theres a way right!
Well thats enough ramblings for now enjoy and ill be back soon
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  1. What a great post - you have a brilliant attitude! Definately keep explaining your layouts - it adds so much when you know the story behind them.

  2. thank for sharing and for visiting my blog. I like your Los

  3. hello darling.. how are you? Thanks for your sweet marks on my blog. i love your work and i think you're good with words too! *hugs*

  4. It's fun to read more about what your thought process is behind the layouts, I'll have to remember to do that more often too! Great layouts, I especially love the last one, such fun details in it, like circles and overlapping title!

  5. Wonderful Los, enhanced by your thoughts on them, for sure!

  6. Great blog! I love your layouts :) Congrats on the sassafrass win!!!

  7. fab LOs, as fave is the last one..sweet pic of hubby and bubby :0)