Friday, 8 May 2009

If i told you...

i had been working on this post over a few days would you believe me? honestly my world has been upside down for the past few days and well its been hard. Sama has had a tempreture going on 3 days now and shes burning up to 41 degrees celcius and its been hard, hard because im alone with no help, hard because Aleena needs attetion too and hard because her tantrums are out of control and well i dont wanna let her get away with this behavour but shes ill and hard because i have had minimum sleep in 2 days and im TIRED!!!

I have managed some layouts in the past week

these are all from NSD and believe me it was more like a weekend off creativeness. I love it when i scrap i have 2 layouts in progress that i have been doing bit by bit, because thats how i scrap now! It would be nice to do 1 whole layout at once but hey beggers cant be choosers.

Aleena on the other hand is a GEM in stone honestly since sama has been ill shes slept through all night and its amazing i admit i must have checked her a trillion times in the night but she slept through!!! She is getting big and when i look at her i think are you sure you had this girl 9 weeks ago. Wow if it wasnt for the fact i was still sore from my tare then i wouldnt even think i had recently had a baby oh yeh and the baby fat but im working on it lol

OK peace out

Love yall



  1. Cool layouts. Thank you for sharing your creativity

  2. Your layouts are fantastic! I hope Sama feels better soon!

  3. You are amazing. Al that coping and those wonderful LOs too..(love them all). Tired or not girl, you are doing a GREAT job!

  4. oh I get you girl.. sometime i have posts in draft for more than two weeks!! love your works.. and Sama, get well soon darling *hugs*

  5. LOVE what you've done with this kit my friend...especially the one with the Sass frames!!

  6. Your photos and LO are always so sweet and beautifull! I have an award for you on my blog!