Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lost in space

or somewhere like the above.... It feels like the days are cut so short nowadays even though it stays lighter outside for longer it bugs me at how worn out i feel!!! I am in the process of working on a few projects and finishing off some old ones with all this IM SO BUSY it means me doing it bit by bit and little by little but aslong as everything is completed by my new set deadlines im happy.

I need to

  • Finish samas butterfly mobile for her bedroom
  • Finish sewing her door hanger
  • Declutter and reorganise scrap space and bedroom(these are in the same room lol)
  • Sort out some family time - dayouts etc
  • Remake me (if that makes sense)
  • Use up all my current kits before the end of the month
  • Get my hair done!!!! its a soooo must
  • Loose 10 kg (baby fat)

My hair is way too long right now and needs a major cut im thinking a good 6 inchs off maybe more who knows!!! i could donate that right? All for giving back i am. Im a bit of scrap whenever i can lately 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, heres a few layouts since my last post

I have had a good sort through all my old scrap bits(ancient kits that havent been used and i dont see myself using) and well have decided to phone the local childrens hospital and offer them the stash i think there is no point in selling it i would rather give it somewhere where i know it will get loved iykwim there was heaps of stuff like alphas, stamps, rub ons, card blancs 12 x 12 paper stacks, 8 x 8 paper stacks some that had never been used!!!!

heres for a quick post

Thanks for stopping by and sharing love
Ayesha xxx


  1. WOW, great layouts! I saw your post over on SC and had to come look. My favorite layout is the last one - it is so cute!

  2. Love all your layouts! Great inspiration!

  3. Wow - fantastic layouts! I love how you have used all those letters- definately something I'm going to try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful selection of LOs. Great inspiration.