Thursday, 30 April 2009

Time flies

Can you believe Aleena is 2 months today.... i have just returned from a lady in blue with a shiney prickley thing which had to go in her leg.. yup needles(eek!) she cried so much

Aleena Right Now

can have a baby conversation with you(and never knows when to be quiet)

  • Has a basic self tought routine 7 - 7 with one dream feed at 10.30 and one wake up at 5am
  • Cries when shes tired and needs her blanket as its one thing she adores a blanket on her even on the hottest of days!!!
  • Likes a cherry top dummy(dinky)
  • Is a smiley baby
  • Loves her sister (dunno why all she does is get bullied by her)
  • Enjoys floor play and tummy time
  • recognises her mummy :o) she goes quiet when she sees or hears me
  • Weight - 12lb 14oz
  • Lengh - 59cm
  • "is slightly over weight for her age" what i say your just perfect and nice and cuddly

I dont know how health visitors can say a child is overweight when they drink within there limits as im not gonna strave my kid when there screaming for food... silly people!

I have been scrapping non stop over the last few days.... Sama is actually enjoying sitting with me and doing her own thing, its been real nice, i just need to add journelling and then i can take photos and post them up here!

I havent really got much to say right now but hoping to post tonight with some interesting stuff ive been working on!

Thanks for popping by and showing some love


  1. Lovely lovely...great way to record progress - at least on here it won't et lost in piles of other paper!

  2. the picture makes my heart melt ! your babies are SO adorable !