Saturday, 25 April 2009

scrapadabado and tantrums ado

Life with a toddler who's tantrums are way out of control isn't very nice at all. I once had this child who was so angelic like and i think somewhere between 18 and 19 months she got kidnapped over night by some aliens...but surely they returned her as they couldn't cope either.... how to deal with them i just don't know do i?
  • lock her in her room for 2 minutes like my family suggest
  • start the naughty chair which is hard as not everyone will follow it
  • ignore her which is hard as the inlaws wont

or combine them all, its so hard as i have people who reward her for this behaviour and it makes it so much harder for me to teach her its wrong. I went shopping yesterday and could have died from the tantrums she was throwing...on the floor! i was pulling a brave smile as many passerby threw me the dirty look from the corner of there eye, i feel like i cant take her any where anymore..... i need a solution.

On a lighter note the sunshine has been shining and the housework done i got me some scrapping done....outside in the garden and i cant tell you how nice it was at one end of the garden table sama was painting and at the other end of the table i was scrapping it was very peaceful

We came in from the garden around 7pm and the wind down ritual went as planned but i do wish my little girl would return!!

Well thanks for stopping by and showing some love

Ayesha xxx


  1. I ignored tantrums...evenone famous one on the steps of Sydney Opera House that got DD a round of applause! Never left her to it, but just stood and watched, without a word until she (I think) realised it wasn't getting any reaction, positive or negative and certanly wasn't upsetting me. God, it was hard. Keep at it girl, you're the MUM!

  2. This happened to my ds at age too. He was awful, I didn't want to leave the house. So two things, ignore the tantrums, leave the store. At home, if she does something you know is wrong, take her up to her room and tell her "uhoh, this is sad, looks like you need a little bedroom time. Do you want the door open or closed?" She probably won't answer you, close the door anyway. Wait outside the door until she calms down (or you calm down). This teaches her to calm herself down. Then go in and hug her as soon as she stops yelling or crying and tell her she's a good girl. It doesn't need to be a long or drawn out thing, being in her room. She needs a safe place to toss a fit. And she will learn that her bad behavior gets her attention by no one. If you do this consistantly, she won't need to be in her room long at all. And then the growth spurt will happen, and she will be a loving, wonderful child again. That's what happened to me. Sorry so long. Get the book Love and logic (purple) for small children. Hugs.

  3. its sooooo hard to discipline when there is so continuity..Im "lucky" with my daughter if i say "bye" and start to walk off she usually snaps out of it, just perserve and do whatever YOU feel is right for YOUR child :0)

    good luck, my'll need a good rest before she hits those teenage