Friday, 17 April 2009

Knock knock...

is anyone in there.... i kinda feel hollow right now somewhat like a robot...

I did some scrapbooking the other night but my vision was somewhat taken to another place and i couldnt get the page right and when i tried it was left incomplete so im only going to post the one out of the 2. i have started a somewhat simple album for my DDs its called watch you grow and i have done the first layout of my DD at 18 months, the journelling is regarding all her positive points and negative points like good and bad habbits lol its kinda nice a little reminder for me, im hoping to get upto 18 months finished soon and keep track of aleenas while shes young.

I occassionally wish my life was different and i know that many will say so make it how you want it! but to change means i may loose some of the most valuble things in my life and i dont want that so what do i do. Ive kinda had enough of my circumstances and wish i was more stronger to make the change without having to loose anything or anyone i miss my happy me im an act i smile when im sad i laugh when i want to cry, i have noticed Sama is as good as gold when things are how i want them to be yet when there not shes so naughty and i dislike that..... its like she is angry at me and its not my fault... i need adult time i need to sit down and talk and get advice.....

Im gonna leave you with what makes me smile every day and reminds me to stay strong

Thanks for stopping by, im sorry if it dont make sense but i sometimes feel like i need to breath and never have anyone to turn too



  1. Great LO and your pics are so sweet! I really do like them!

  2. lovely lo, love the use of the yellow cardstock. looks fab.

  3. It's a gorgeous LO.

    I hope you can decide where you want to be right now - it's hard when you don't know what to do for the best, but hang on to what makes you happy for sure.

  4. Beautiful pics again, and the albums looking gorgeous. Girlfriend, you sound like you need to see your doctor - a bit of post-natal depression or something - you sound overwhelmed. Please go chat to your GP or health visitor...I did and it saved me.

  5. gorgeous layout.

    hold you head high. we all have difficult times in our lives and sometimes it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when dealing with something tough. hang in there!

  6. what a great idea to have a record of the kid's good and bad =) Your gals are so pretty and your page is gorgeous!! Hope u feeling better today ....

  7. Love your album idea! Change can be so difficult, i truly know the feeling. I hope tomorrow looks brighter for you!